Today’s menu!

Today’s meal consists of:

-Breakfast: Protein Smoothie

-Morning Snack: Avocados sprinkled with reduced fat Parmesan cheese

-Lunch: Turkey & Avocado wrap (Simply avocado wrapped in turkey), a spinach salad topped with lite caesar dressing, and Sugar free chocolate pudding cup (for my something sweet).

-Afternoon Snack: Hummus with all natural, whole grain, gluten-free crackers.

-Dinner: Not quite sure what’s on the menu, yet.

I love being able to pack my lunch in the morning and plan out what to eat each day! It’s so much easier to stay on track!

Happy Thursday everyone!


Time to be a big girl!

Hi Guys! So sorry it’s been so long since I last posted. I have been quite a busy girl. I last posted about the graduate assistantship and new job I was offered, and I have been getting settled in with all of that. I will now have more time to post each day, since I’m sitting at a computer desk rather than running around waiting tables like before. I’m so excited to finally feel like I’m moving on to my next step in life. Being that I still have two more years of grad school, it has been difficult to feel like I am actually turning into an adult. This job has given me that feeling. Well, that, and all of the new bills I will be taking over. Blah. It’s time be a big girl now!

Exciting new things!

Sorry I have been slacking on posting. The last few days have been full of working and chaos. Yesterday my mom, sister and I went to Biloxi for the day to spend time at the beach. Then we hit the outlet mall for some shopping! It was so much fun and nice to get away. I also just got offered a graduate assistantship which will cover my full tuition in the fall plus a $1500 stipend each month! In order to accept, I must train full time all summer for $15/hr. Definitely couldn’t pass it up, so I have to give my current boss today my notice. I’m really nervous because I hate quitting jobs. It’s the most uncomfortable conversation ever!!
However, I’m excited about finally having a more grown up job and that my grad school will be completely paid for! Yay for exciting things happening!

Have to work a double today so I won’t be enjoying my Friday, but I hope you all enjoy yours!


Spaghetti squash!!!

Finally tried spaghetti squash and let me tell you… I am IN LOVE!! I no longer have to fight the battle of my love for pasta and my desire to eat clean and lean! You may wonder why this is such a big thing for me. Well, I have never been a fan of vegetables and over the past couple of years I’ve slowly tried introducing them to myself and acquiring a taste. I’ve only succeeded with a few. But, my taste buds must be changing because lately I’ve been having a craving for different veggies that I’ve never eaten before! Anyway, this is a big deal that I really like this spaghetti squash because my favorite meal is spaghetti, and I’ve had to try and avoid it because of all the carbs! Today is a great great day!

On the menu for dinner tonight:
Chicken Parmesan over spaghetti squash! Can’t waittttt!!!!



Running can be beautiful!

Views like these make running easy! Such a beautiful morning at the lakes, and a great run to go along with it! If you hate running, try running somewhere with great scenery like this and I promise you’ll hate it a little less.

Working another double today, but at least I started my day/week off great and will be energized and perky! 🙂

Happy Monday everyone!




My favorite thing after a run, or any time of day really 🙂

Small Strawberry Lean1, add raspberry!


Vent session

Oh my gosh. That’s all I can say about work tonight. We literally were dead for the first 2 hours and the last 2 hours EVERYONE in town decided to come eat. PLUS, 2 waitresses called in so we had 3 of us on staff. I was so overwhelmed, AND I spilled salsa ALL over me and in my apron, onto my phone. Ugh what a night! Sorry, I just needed to vent!!

I am exhausted! Working doubles almost everyday is catching up to me! I think I’m going to call it a night so that I can get up for an early run in the morning! Goodnight all!

Wore out

Hello fellow bloggers. All I can say tonight is I am EXHAUSTED! Another busy night at work kept me running around and on my feet for hours and hours. I guess it’s a good source of cardio though! Between working and working out/running every morning, I shouldn’t have a problem keeping my weight down. Not to mention my job doesn’t give me a chance to eat very much. Anyway, though I’m exhausted, I had a pretty good night and made really good tips. I love knowing every time I go in to work, I’m leaving with money! Such a great incentive!

Think I’m going to wake up and go clean my boyfriends house in the morning, then it’s another night of work! Hope to do as well tomorrow night as I did tonight!

On that note, I think I’m hitting the sack! Goodnight all!