Stay hydrated without being bored!

I love water, but every now and then its nice to have a little flavor. So, I was playing around one day and made my own little drink. It’s super good and fresh tasting! Not to mention if you’re one who doesn’t like to drink just water and have trouble staying hydrated, it’s a good way to spice it up while still consuming water! Also, lemon water is known for speeding up metabolism and flushing out your system, so I think it kind of works for that, too!


-Bottle of water
-2 large fresh strawberries cut up (or 3 small)
-lemon juice (or real lemon slices)
-1 packet of sweetener (I use Truvia)

Also, I use the Truvia because I like stuff to be sweet. My mom however prefers it without the sweetener and more lemon juice which is even better for you. Whatever you prefer. Enjoy!


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