Catching up

Okay so, today was a great day as far as fun and relaxation. However, it wasn’t the best day in terms of nutrition and exercise. Again, it was my day off and my boyfriend and I decided to go for a boat ride, and then my nephew came over to spend the night. After the past few days which consisted of little sleep, a lot of exercise, and a lot of working, I just couldn’t drag myself to get up and run this morning. By the time I could manage to get the energy to go, it was time to go meet up with my boyfriend to leave. So, I started my day off without my normal workout (not that taking a day off sometimes is a bad thing), but I still had my normal morning smoothie. I ate very well throughout the day for the fact that I wasn’t home to fix anything. But, by the time I returned home to play with my nephew, my mom had cooked chicken enchiladas. My mom is also a very healthy eater and very dedicated to her workouts, so she cooks a healthier version of everything. But, I’ve been staying away from breads, pastas, grains, ect and this threw me off a bit. Not to mention, when my little man is over we always get him a treat and tonight was creole cream cheese ice cream (guess who ended up eating some of it) 😦
Therefore, I didn’t do my best today, but I don’t believe in deprivation so I think it’s healthy to have one day here and there to splurge a bit (to a certain point). This will only make me more motivated to get back to my normal routine tomorrow!

My parents, my boyfriend and I dug out a couple of home videos tonight, which actually made my night and helped me to realize how quickly life is passing and I should enjoy every moment of it that I can!

Like I said earlier, I haven’t slept much this week and I have a early morning ahead of me and a long weekend of working. With that said, I’m going to but the sack so that I can rest up for the morning! Goodnight everyone and have a great day tomorrow!

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