Wore out

Hello fellow bloggers. All I can say tonight is I am EXHAUSTED! Another busy night at work kept me running around and on my feet for hours and hours. I guess it’s a good source of cardio though! Between working and working out/running every morning, I shouldn’t have a problem keeping my weight down. Not to mention my job doesn’t give me a chance to eat very much. Anyway, though I’m exhausted, I had a pretty good night and made really good tips. I love knowing every time I go in to work, I’m leaving with money! Such a great incentive!

Think I’m going to wake up and go clean my boyfriends house in the morning, then it’s another night of work! Hope to do as well tomorrow night as I did tonight!

On that note, I think I’m hitting the sack! Goodnight all!

2 thoughts on “Wore out

    • I’m a waitress, too! I know I honestly never get tempted at work. I guess seeing and dealing with the food all day just makes me not want it! But, yes it’s a great busy job that keeps you moving and not snacking!

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