Motivated on Monday! :)

So, after my last post about my lack of motivation, I finally decided to just drag myself out of my funk and just go to the gym this morning! I thought twice about staying in bed when my alarm went off at 4:15 this morning, but I finally just threw the covers off and like Nike, “Just did it!” And I’d have to say, it was such a great feeling! I used to have NO problem waking up that early every morning before school to get my workout in, even though I didn’t really have to. I didn’t have to take the same amount of time to get ready as I do now, I just liked being able to come home and relax for a little while before having to leave for class. It’s amazing how easily it is to just get out of your routine and how hard it is to get back into it. But, im feeling positive after my endorphin release this morning (even after sitting in traffic for over and hour and being late for work), and I am determined to keep it going until I no longer have to even think twice about it. I’m not sure when or where I lost the enjoyment of going to the gym, but I think I just let myself get into a boring repetitive regimine and I just need to spice my workout routine up a little. Running is my absolute favorite. I could run everyday, but since I wake up before dawn, I’m not very fond about running in the dark alone. I appreciate those of you who commented with advice on my last post, and I’m asking for another favor today. If any of you could leave me some suggestions of new workout routines I could try. I’m constantly googling and Pinterest-ing new routines, but I guess I just never seem to do them because I haven’t have anyone tell me from experience how the routine was for them. I’m open to suggestions of things that are fun and even some short, but effective workouts for when I’m stretched for time in the mornings. Thanks! I appreciate you all!


Happy Monday 🙂


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