What a GLORIOUS day!

Well, today has already started off as a GREAT day! Not only because it’s my birthday, but because I finally got to do TURBOFIRE this morning! My mom and I started off with the HIIT 15 and finished up with the ab video to ease our way in. She has never done it before and wasn’t sure what to expect, not to mention I’m short on time in the mornings! It’s amazing, however, that such a short workout can make you sweat so much! Got to love HITT (High Intensity Interval Training)! 15-30 minutes of HITT getting a MUCH better workout than a hour on the machines? Uh, COUNT ME IN! It helps, too, when you have Chalene Johnson pumping you up the whole time and good workout music to move to! Anyway, I’m rambling…back to today–It’s also nice having tons of people who you haven’t talked to in forever sending you Happy Birthday messages! It’s so sweet to know that even though it’s been a long time, they still think about you enough to acknowledge you on your day! Not to mention, reconnecting with them of them that way! Last, but not least, since my mom is off during the summer, I sent her the recipe for the “Clean Brownies” that I saw on here and when I came home from work yesterday evening, she had made them for me!! So sweet of her! So, now I have clean brownies as one of my snacks today and I brought a few extra for my co-workers to try! Have to share the healthy wealth!

Okay, so that’s about all I have for now except that I think my man is bringing to eat somewhere tonight! I’m going to try my very best to eat as healthy as I can! I’ve been doing so well with my clean eating and low carbs and I don’t want to ruin it now! 2 weeks from today til we leave for the beach, so I HAVE to be bikini ready!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!


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