Good things come to those who work hard!

So, when I originally lost my weight and was coming off of playing college softball, my abs were really nice. And for a while, I managed to keep them that way. And then I got lazy. Well, not to mention school and life got in the way and for once, I wasn’t being made to workout everyday and I had to find my own time and motivation to make sure it got done. Well, every now and then you just get worn down with all of the things going on around you and you just need a break! Too bad my break lasted too long. Okay, okay so I didn’t completely quit working out; I still did a couple days a week or so, but I just got complacent. Even when I could force myself to get to the gym, I didn’t do the same kind of workouts that I used to. I did just enough to maintain my weight, and I didn’t focus on toning up like I used to. This was like a rollercoaster ride, up and down, for months. Until now, that is, because I finally got to the point where “enough is enough.” I decided to become more serious about clean eating, and I try to do workouts that are fun, but also worthwhile, even if they are short (that’s when I decided to order Turbofire). So, anyway, over time of not focusing on toning up and basically just doing cardio, I lost my nice tight abs (even though I really have kept everything else pretty nice and toned). So, I’m working on those again. Just after clean eating for the last month or so, and starting my Turbofire less than a week ago, I’m starting to at least see a little bit of results.
Not quite where I want them yet, but hard work pays off!
Happy Hump Day!

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