Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves!

The most motivating thing is when someone asks you about what you do, or did to look great or lose weight. Even those of us who live a healthy lifestyle, occasionally get into slumps and start to question why we do it. But, when someone obviously notices it and asks you about it, it just gives you more motivation to keep on keepin’ on! Not to mention, when I get the opportunity to share my love for clean eating with someone and trying to convince them to try it out, I get so excited and end up rambling on and on. It becomes like a mission to help them! Sometimes I think I should have majored in nutrition, or become a life coach, not that I don’t LOVE the amazing field of psychology :]

Anyway, if you’re in that clean eating or workout slump, try talking to someone else about your goals and about what you’re doing to improve your life! Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves why we chose to make this change!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves!

  1. Oh my goodness! 3 times in the past week people have brought up how good I look without a mention of my eating and work out habits. It is a nice feeling to hear, and I haven’t heard something like that for nearly a year! YAY! Have a beautiful and HAPPY day!

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