Be thankful you have a Monday!

Oh Monday! I honestly have to say, it is so nice to be back at work and on my routine. I drank a detox smoothie last night for supper, and today I have all of my normal clean snacks and meals for lunch. I have no problem when it comes to eating healthy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have my moments, and obviously I didn’t do well on vacation [although I didn’t do nearly as bad as I used to on trips—I made many good choices and only some bad], but I have finally gotten to the place in my life to where I enjoy eating clean. Ever since I started percieving it as a way to keep my body healthy rather than to lose weight, it seems so much easier. I crave the delicious, nutritous food that I put into my body every day and I very rarely have cravings for unhealthy foods [except ice cream, which I’m not sure I will EVER be able to completely give that up]. But anyway, even while I was gone this week, I never really WANTED any of the junk food I ate, I just found when I was sitting around the camper, I was bored and surrounded by food. I resisted way more than I normally would have before, so I was very proud of that. And after eating each item, all I could think of is how much I missed my clean food. I feel like I’ve really reached a new level :]

Where I lack is the motivation to wake up at 4:45am to do my workout after a long week of sleeping in. I used to be a workout fanatic! Like, seriously, I WANTED to workout ALL the time! I hated when I had a limited time in the gym and I could burn up to 800 calories in the morning before school. At that time, I had more trouble with controlling how much I ate, so I made sure to burn a ton of calories so that I didn’t have to worry as much about it. Now, it seems like I have to make myself workout, and it’s never as hard as I used to. I guess because I eat so well, I tell myself I don’t have to workout as hard or as long. Also, It’s not really the workout that I dread doing, it’s the time of the morning of doing it. Which is crazy because I used to wake up 30 minutes earlier and absolutely LOVED it. I guess I’ve grown more tired lazier. I just really need to get it together and either suck it up in the morning, or make time in the evenings. Okay, enough rambling on about that.

On to a more serious topic: >>>>Today is bittersweet. On one hand, it’s a GREAT day because I’m back in my routine, back to my yummy clean food, and plus happiness is a mindset and I choose to be happy on this wonderful Monday morning! On the otherhand, it’s a sad day in my community. A guy from my high school, who was very well known and loved in the community passed away this morning. He graduated a few years before me, in the same class as my sister and he was in an accident Friday night and did not make it. I wasn’t close to him, but I’ve known him for many years. Not to mention, it is just very sad and scary when someone about your age, who you have known for years, tragically dies. The whole community has really been shaken, and there are many heavy hearts this morning. As sad as it is to say, sometimes things like this save other peoples lives whether it is by finding The Lord, becoming more thankful and loving towards others, or even just by helping them to realize that they are not invincible and that in a split second anything could happen. It teaches us to be a lot smarter more cautious and to value the precious moments and the people in our lives. I truly believe that every cloud has a silver lining, and that even the most awful events can have positive outcomes. I know I have already seen the community come together so much, and I pray that many lives and hearts will be changed through this tragedy. Rest in peace Kolby!


Okay, now that I’ve probably put you all in a sad mood……Just remember, BE THANKFUL for every day that you wake up and every blessing that comes your way! Tell those that you love how much they mean to you and don’t fret over the little things because they aren’t worth it! CHOOSE to be happy and positive and enjoy every breath you take because you NEVER know when it will be your last!



God Bless!





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