IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY! And it’s a great day, already! Slept in a little later and didn’t get my workout in, but since my boyfriend is working nights ALL weekend long, I decided I’d save it for this evening. It’s ashame that I get so excited about staying in all weekend! It has been such a busy summer it feels like, and especially the last few weeks with vacation, the slowpitch tournament, and just trying to get in as much fun as I can before school starts back up and I’m forced to be stuck in my room studying all the time! Not to mention, we keep my nephew three nights a week and when I get home from work he keeps me pretty busy the rest of the night. So with that said, I’m looking forward to my weekend of peace! In two weeks, orientation starts for grad school. Then, school and my internship the next week. Between those two and work, life is going to be PRETTY DARN BUSY! I’m so ready though! I feel like a little kid, itching to start! I’ve already ordered my books and everything! :] It’s funny how at the beginning of the summer I’m always so excited, but at the end I’m ready to pull my hair out and saying how “I can’t wait to be done with school forever!” Then, we have a break and I’m ready for the next semester! It’s an endless process! Anyway..enough about that..

As for my clean eating…that has been a very consistent success! I really never find myself craving bad food anymore. I don’t even find myself having to restrain myself from eating too much. I get a little bit, eat it, and I’m done. Satisfied. It’s awesome. Now, there are always those exceptions, like the frozen yogurt I mentioned in my last post, but that’s different. IT’S FROZEN YOGURT! Haha.

My mom is trying out the cauliflower pizza crust tonight. We’ve been wanting to try it for a while now, and we’re finally going to give a whirl! I’m excited to see how it is! If it’s good, I’ll probably never want regular pizza again! Gotta love those healthy alternatives!

I’ll post later on how the pizza comes out!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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