It’s time for a change!

So, I’ve mentioned in past posts about how I used to play college softball, was in tip top shape, and absolutely LOVED being in the gym lifting weights. I’ve also mentioned how, lately, my clean eating is fantastic, but I’ve only done enough to get by on my workouts. Doing a 15 minute HIIT in the morning, doing  a few push-ups and ab workouts, and occasionally hitting the gym and lifting weights became good enough for me. Well, I’ve decided to finally stop being so lazy and get back to the weights. I’ve started making up a few daily workout’s for me to build my way back up. It’s definitely going to start out shorter with little weight, but it’s still way more than I have been doing. I haven’t gained any weight [actually I’ve lost weight because I’ve lost so much muscle], but I definitely have lost a lot of the definition that I had. I hate being “soft.” People get annoyed with me when I talk negatively about how I look because to them I’m “so skinny.” But, the truth is, it’s not about the number to me anymore. It used to be. That number used to CONTROL MY LIFE. Now, it’s just about being in the best physical condition that I can be, and as healthy as I possibly can be. I don’t want to think about working out as a chore anymore, but view it in the way that I used to—a way to escape from everything else in the world and something I enjoy doing. That is the only way to be successful and consistent. I’m excited to find that joy again. And I’m starting today!

Happy Hump Day!

8 thoughts on “It’s time for a change!

  1. Love your perspective on health and weight. I wish more people were able to have that mentality — it’s not easy! Major props to you, and good luck with the new challenge — sounds like you’re pretty darn motivated to get it done though!

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