Make it your life, NOT a chore!

So bouncing off of my post yesterday….

I went to the gym like I said, and had such a GOOD workout and for the first time in a while, it was FUN. For a while, the gym just became boring to me. But, I see now that it’s because I was making it that way. I was doing the same ole things every time, and instead of thinking about it in a “Let me just go and burn enough calories and get it over with” kind of way, I went in with a well thought out workout plan and the mindset of “I can’t wait to own these weights and feel good about myself when I leave.” My only regret was that I didn’t do more, but my mom was with me and was ready to leave and I knew I didn’t need to overdo it anyway since it had been a while since I did most of the lifts I did.

So anywho…Since I enjoyed my workout so much, I’m ready to go back today! It’s just funny because I’m definitely a MORNING workout person, not an evening one..AT ALL. Yet, I’m looking forward to it today after work. I didn’t get my cardio in this morning, but I still will try and do it in the mornings AND go to the gym in the evenings from now on. I posted a couple of daily workouts (for beginners or those who are getting back into it) on my “Workouts” page.

Also, I’m excited to say that for the first time since probably 6th grade, I am wearing a size 0 pair of pants today. This is shocking to me. Especially because I really haven’t even been trying to lose weight. Again, I’ve been lazier on workouts, I just have been eating super clean and working out “enough.” When you don’t stress about losing weight and just live healthy and clean, the weight literally just TAKES CARE OF ITSELF! Well, I take that back…I haven’t really lost pounds, just inches. But, that’s better, right?

I encourage any of you who are trying to lose weight to STOP! No, I don’t mean give up and go eat a cheeseburger! I just mean STOP stressing about how many calories you eat and burn. STOP looking at the number on the scale. Just EAT CLEAN and stay active as much as you can without killing yourself or creating burnout! If you do that, it’s impossible to keep the weight on!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


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