Dinner and friends!

We don’t eat out much, but last night we went with some friends to eat hibachi and then to the casino (which we also never do). The hibachi was delicious and I actually didnt feel too guilty since all I ate was chicken and veggies. I did, however, drink a few drinks which I regret, but hey! Its okay to splurge every now and then right? What I don’t understand is how people can go into the casino and spend/lose so much money like it’s nothing! I was angry that I lost my little $20. I work TOO hard for my money to just throw it away!
Anyway, it was all a great time and here are some pics from the restaurant!





One thought on “Dinner and friends!

  1. A lot of my family back home love casinos (welcome to the midwest 🙂 — but I really never understood it. Like you pointed out, I can’t even lose 20 dollars without feeling like I wasted MUCH more than that. But every once in awhile, it is great for people watching! 🙂

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