Food pics and upcoming events!




Yesterday, my mom cooked this healthy chicken chili for supper and it is so delicious! I also finally decided to make these Clean Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies that I found a while back! Don’t get me wrong,  they’re not exactly like the chocolate chip cookies you would normally think of, BUT they are pretty delicious and definitely satisfy that sweet craving. ALSO, they are full of protein so they are very filling and you can’t eat too many at a time (which is a good thing!)

I brought the leftover chili for lunch and a couple of cookies for me and my co-workers to snack on. And then I brought my normal bag of fruit.

This is my last week of working full time for the summer! I start orientation next week which is 5 days long, and my graduate assistantship contract starts so ill be working part time for the rest of the semester. Im slowly transitioning each week into a busier and busier schedule. Right now its been just work for 40 hours a week. Next week, its 7 1/2 hours a day at orientation and then 20 hours a week of work. Thennnn, the next week starts class, my internship, AND 20 hours of work a week Sunday-Friday. Oh, how I will enjoy my Saturdays off!
I can’t lie though, I LOVE being busy all the time! Every moment I have of down time, I feel like I need to be doing something! Im so ready it’s insane!  I definitely need a change of scenery. Sitting at this desk for 40 hours a week is making me stir crazy!

Okay, enough rambling! (I probably won’t have this much time to ramble in my blogs soon so I promise I won’t be doing it often!)

Oh, and going to hit the gym after work today! 🙂

Happy Monday everyone!

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