Extreme Weight Loss—TONIGHT @ 7:00 central


If any of you are obsessed with watching shows about weight loss, fitness, nutrition, ect. then you should all check out this show on abc. As much as I look for shows like this, I’m not sure how I didn’t know about it until this past week. I found it while looking up shows to watch at work one day and I watched all of the episodes from season 3 so far on abc.com. I’m now watching all the episodes from season 1 & 2 on Youtube, but Season 3 is still airing on Tuesday nights at 7:00 central on abc. TUNE IN TONIGHT! 🙂 It really is an awesome show about extremely obese people who go through a year long of transformation with the help of trainer Chris Powell. Not only does Chris help them to transition their body and physical health, but also helps them work through their emotional and mental struggles. It really is an INSPIRING show and also provides tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t already seen it, I recommend you to check it out! And if you like it, watch the older episodes online :] 


2 thoughts on “Extreme Weight Loss—TONIGHT @ 7:00 central

  1. I KNOW! And I love how this one actually shows you their whole journey AND the outcome in the same episode! As much as I LOVEEEE The Biggest Loser, I hate having to wait every single week to find out what happens!

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