Orientation update and starting internship!!

Wow, its been almost a week since I posted, but I literally have not had a moment this week. Orientation is officially over and I’m ready to tell you all about it! First off, it was FULL of information and a little overwhelming. Who knew we had to know so much in so little time! It was also frightening hearing about all the work and time that will have to be put in. I mean, dont get me wrong, I knew it was going to be a lot–it’s grad school.  But, boy oh boy it’s worse than I thought! The great thing about our program is that we go to our internship before we even start class! It’s really about learning hands on! We were told the first day of orientation that not only is this an academic program, but also a professional program. And that day started our professional reputations! We were told how much we will transition in social workers over the next two years without even noticing and before we know it, we will be graduating and starting our new jobs as social workers! I also had to take alot stuff off the internet with my name and pictures, and set the highest privacy settings. So, if you notice I dont post any pictures of myself anymore, thats why.

I have met SO many people and it has been so much fun! It is a very close knit program and everyone is very supportive of each other rather than being competitive.  We alll need each other! I officially start my internship tomorrow and classes wednesday! Im so beyond stoked! I’m a little nervous because I know im fixing to be overwhelmed with work, but im ready to dive in! I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it! I apologize in advance, however, because I KNOW my blogging will continue to be slacking! Im still checking in on all of you when I get a second here and there though!

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Orientation update and starting internship!!

    • Aw thanks! And that’s so cool that youre in counseling! My undergrad is in psych! I just chose social work because it was the most logical route for me and where I live!

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