New year, old me!

It has been so long since I posted. My first semester of grad school kept me slammed and provided very little time for blogging, and also exercising (which I am not proud of). But, since the break I have started working out again a little and I have for the most part continued to eat well all semester (the holidays always get me of course). Now that I have gotten a semester under my belt to get used to managing my time, I am looking forward to being able to figure out how to continue exercising more and blogging on top of my busy school/work schedule. Being the New Year, it is the perfect time to recommit to it all. I am excited because not exercising all semester made me feel unlike myself. I have never went more than a couple of weeks without doing so prior to this semester. Anyway, I know that if I cannot figure out how to manage my time and work in my exercising now, I’ll struggle with doing so for the rest of my life. NO MORE EXCUSES! If I can stay up all night studying,  I can get at least a few minutes of a workout in, too!

So, goodbye lazy version of myself! Time to find myself again!!


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