Fitbit Flex!

So, Wednesday my Fitbit Flex came in! I decided to try it out and if nothing else, keep up with how many calories I burn! Little did I know how much this thing really did! It is AWESOME! It not only tracks things like my steps, calories, distance, etc.  It also tracks my sleep patterns throughout the night, how much water I consume, it links with MyFitnessPal and automatically transfers and calculates the calories I’ve taken in and adjusts the number of calories I should be eating depending on the amount of activity I’ve done that day. There are some other features, but these are the one’s I use the most. I have to say, since I have been wearing it all day, it really has made me more conscious about getting up and moving around more or walking extra steps throughout the day. I went for a run around the lakes this morning and it was so nice to not have to try and guess-timate how many calories I’ve burned or exactly how far I ran. It has taken so much stress off in regard to whether or not I am really logging things accurately. I have to say, I am very impressed and addicted already! Oh, and the coolest thing is, it syncs with your smartphone so you can constantly keep up with your progress throughout the day! If you’re looking for a way to track your calories/heart rate/overall health, I highly recommend you trying the Fitbit Flex. Not to mention, it isn’t bulky and is easy to wear all day long! It’s even waterproof!!


Anyway, just thought I would share! 

Happy Saturday!

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