Spinach, artichoke, and pepper jack cheese stuffed chicken and Paleo almond butter pancakes!

Good morning!

I said yesterday that if I had something new and interesting for dinner that I would post it, so here we go! This is literally just spinach,  1/2 of a piece of pepper jack cheese, and artichokes wrapped in a flattened chicken thigh and baked in the oven! Also with some squash, zucchini,  and onions sautéed on the side! My oh my it was DELICIOUS! I brought some of the leftover chicken for lunch today along with a little bit of Quinoa fried “rice.” Mmm I can’t wait for lunch time!!


Also, for breakfast this morning,  I  once again woke up againnn immediately made my warm lemon water to drink while I was getting dressed for work. Then, while I was packing my lunch,  I made some chai tea, and a paleo pancake which was unbelievably delicious!!! Here’s what I did:
I took 1/2 of a ripe banana and 1 egg, mixed it up In the blender, cooked it on the skillet, and then spread 2 teaspoons of almond butter on top! Angels were singingggg! Delicious an so quick and easy!!!


Oh, before I forget, I tried this Berrylicious Microwave Minute Muffin last night and it was such a delicious treat! I also made one with dark chocolate chips (just to try) and it was even better! I forgot to take pictures, sorry! Anyway, the first one I made, I followed the recipe and didn’t use any almond milk and it was good, but a little dry. So for the second, I just added a tiny bit to the mixture and it came out so much more moist!! I have definitely found a new breakfast and/or dessert!!!


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