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My Story:
I played softball my whole life and was a pitcher, so I was always very muscular. I lifted weights, ran, even have a personal trainer for three years during high school. But, with my muscle I still had baby fat. I never thought I was very thick during high school and weighed around 135 at 5'2. When I started college, even though I was playing college ball, I ate way more than I worked out. In February of my freshman year, I weighed 148 pounds. That's 13 pounds from August to February. One day I was trying on bathing suits for our spring break trip and finally realized how much weight I had put on and at that moment I decided it was time for a change! I turned to a healthy lifestyle and have not turned back since! Altogether I lost between 38 pounds to weigh 110 pounds, and I now fluctuate between 110-113. Nutrition and fitness is what my life is about now and I have nevet felt better! I'm never going back to that old me!

And here is a more current update (May 2014):



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